How to grow your Café’s revenue with Promotions

And how to know it’s actually working

There’s no denying that promotions are a great way to increase the awareness of your business and tempt new customers to pay your café a visit, but in order to really reap the benefits of promotions you need to ensure you are doing them right.

While in the past pamphlets were used by café owners wanting to advertise promotions, relying on paper-based advertising activities today means that you are promoting in the dark – you’re undertaking promotions that you cannot accurately track the success of. When pamphlets or paper cards are used to promote a café, it is harder to tell if the promotions are effective and you could end up spending time and money on a promotion that doesn’t end up increasing your revenue at all.

To make sure you are getting promotions right, here are some ideas:

Set a target

Before you look at how to set up promotions for your café, you need to start off by setting a target. What, specifically, are you hoping to get out of the promotion? Do you want to hit a particular sales budget? Increase your Facebook followers to a certain number? Being clear about your target will allow you to better plan your promotion to suit that target. If you are looking to increase your social media followers, then focusing on a promotion that involves liking and following you on your social media accounts to receive the reward will have a better chance at helping you reach your target.

Keep track

When setting up a special offer, make sure you have a system in place that allows you to easily keep track of its success. If you don’t track the results you won’t be able to get a clear idea of how well the promotions are going and if you are increasing your revenue or not, or if you are increasing revenue it will be hard to know by how much. Tracking the results of a promotion is the only way to know how valuable the promotion was, because if it wasn’t valuable then you could just be wasting your money.

If you’re initiating a promotion such as a customer bringing a friend and getting a free coffee for them, track the number of free coffees you give away during the promotion. This will help you to see how successful to promotion was and may influence whether you do the same promotion again in the future.

Facebook Advertising

Although Facebook advertising might seem daunting to some, it is easily one of the most ‘trackable’ ways of marketing today. Instead of just ‘boosting’ posts – why not try generating ads that are aimed at gaining engagement from customers or setting up a lead generation advertisement.

‘Lead generation’ is super easy with Facebook advertising – lead generation is just a marketing term for capturing the information of potential customers online. With a form template you can use, you can be gathering the information of your customers within minutes. Why not offer a free coffee to Facebook users who sign up online? Facebook will generate a list and you can track what percentage actually come to redeem the offer.

Go digital with your loyalty cards

While it is common practice to use loyalty cards, especially in a café, consider going digital to track your customers and offer better loyalty rewards. By using a digital system you can better see who your customers are and how often they are coming into your café. You can set up birthday rewards or anniversary rewards for those customers who continue to visit every year. This also allows you to see if you have customers who come once and never again, maybe you can aim a promotion their way to tempt them back in.

Also, a plus is that people don’t even need to worry about carrying around a card anymore, they can just do it on their phone. Set up an app so your customers have everything they need literally on hand. Apps like Rewardle make this super easy.

The bottom line is you don’t need to rely on old fashioned promotion methods any more. Now you can track the success of your promotions and know it’s not just ‘money down the drain’. Need more inspiration? Keep an eye on the NUTELLA® Collective for more insights and tips.