How to set a social media strategy

(and some things you can do right now!)

One question we often ask café owners is: How do you attract new customers to your café?

Often, they don’t have an answer. And to be honest, we don’t blame them! With all the things café owners and managers need to worry about on a daily basis, sometimes marketing the business itself takes a back seat.

Maybe a café has an Instagram and Facebook page, but generally posts are on an ad-hoc basis, whenever they get a chance with images from their iPhone. They don’t have a plan, because they just don’t have time. Does this sound familiar to you?

It might surprise you to learn that 54 per cent of Gen Z would try a new restaurant solely because of seeing a picture of the food posted on a social media page*.

So, you have a page and people follow you, but have you considered what you are trying to achieve with each post? Are you capturing the attention of these Gen Z diners? Start the year by considering your strategy and plan what you want your content to say about you.

It’s time to plan.

While it is easy to get overwhelmed by social media, you only really need to follow three steps to begin marketing your business better online.

Step 1: Write down what makes your café unique

Of course, a good location, some awesome food, killer coffee (of course) and friendly staff are a great start, but considering your customers can get coffee anywhere (sorry to be blunt) are these things enough? Competition is everywhere, and quality of product and environment alone cannot grow your customer base.

So, what keeps your customers coming back and what makes new customers want to stay? This is what you should be showing to people in your social feeds. To start your thinking: 


  • List 3 key things that make your café unique.
  • What are the main differences to other cafes close by? Think price, your menu etc.
  • How would you describe the personality of your café?


Consider these before posting, don’t bother copying the café down the street or the next suburb over, be different and highlight what you do best.

Step 2: Plan it out, week by week

At the moment, your posts are probably spontaneous, what feels good at the time and whatever you’ve got handy in your camera roll. Although this is fine, you should start considering some reasons for posting. Do you want people to order a new menu item? Have a deal for a certain time of day? Find a way to blend together your content that tells an interesting story as well as delivering business results.


Example: February – Week 1 (spread the post’s out over a month, make sure your goals are realistic)


  • Recipe (New from the breakfast menu that you want to drive sales for)
  • Fresh produce (Some of your ingredients arriving, tag your supplier) 
  • Special deal (tag a mate to redeem, drive page interaction)


Step 3: Set some goals, see what works.

Now consider some measures you can implement along the way. It’s great to try new things, but you need to be able to understand what works and what doesn’t. Start considering:


  • The number of followers, connections and likes your cafes has across various social channels – and if these numbers are growing steadily. What is performing best?
  • The level of engagement with your existing and potential customers. Who is liking your content and interacting?
  • And the most important: Can you offer ways in which you can measure people coming in store? Consider promo codes, encourage tagging when they are in store etc. 


Some things to consider – and some action you can take right now.


  • Pay attention to questions and answer them
  • Reward engagement
  • Ask questions


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